protecting rail bearings against electrical current

SCR Protection Circuits

How to protect an SCR using protection circuits ? SCRs are sensitive to high voltage over-current and any form of transients For satisfactory and reliable operation they are required to be protected against such abnormal operating conditions Because of complex and expensive protection usually some margin is provided in the equipment by selecting devices with


tive devices are not assured protection against the effect of single-phasing For example when the electrical system is WYE/DELTAor DELTA/WYEconnected all three phases on the secondary side of the transformer bank will continue to carry current when a single-phasing caused by an open phase on the primary side of the transformer bank occurs As


Dec 04 2017Electrical codes in different areas need an individual ground wire connected to a specific rod If an electrical system is not installed or maintained properly the current can disperse directly to the ground through the equipment or building itself In such cases stray current can exist in small amounts and serve as a minor nuisance

The Effect of Transmission Lines on Railroads

In addition to maintaining electric isolation between the sections of track these insulated joints maintained structural integrity In each section a low-voltage signal (less than 10 V) was placed onto one of the two rails traditionally it was a direct-current (DC) voltage The voltage between the rails then was monitored in each track section

Bearing Current Protection for AC Motors with VFDs

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has yet to recommend that new motors have bearing protection against damaging electrical discharges It is common knowledge that inverters also known as VFDs and adjustable speed drives can induce unwanted motor shaft voltages that without effective mitigation can destroy bearings

Electric Code Circuit Breaker Panel Box Requirements

The National Electric Code (NEC) includes the minimum standards for installing a circuit breaker panel box These standards set the minimum safety standards for panel boxes Three of these standards concern the box location clearance and space around the box and box height

Foolproof method protects bearings from electrical damage

Jul 16 2013In addition to protecting the motor's thrust bearing from electrical damage this keeps shaft currents from jumping to the bearings of the pump itself or to the bearings of a gearbox tachometer encoder etc "It's the combination that does it " says Wilkins

Bearings meet tough specification and tight deadlines

Aug 30 2017Protecting rail bearings against electrical current Europe Amendment of the CCS TSI 2019: Opportunities for higher efficiency and better quality from the on-board perspective Rail Travel So we meet again Mr Bond UK Stations Day celebrates the efforts of rail workforce and volunteers

Bearing Failure Protection

Mar 24 2020Premature bearing failure is a major cause of motor downtime and costly repairs Helwig Carbon uses proven silver graphite brush technology in a variety of bearing protection kits for motor shaft grounding Our kits effectively divert induced electrical currents away from the bearings protecting them from damage and failure

3 Ways to Prevent Metals from Corroding

Mar 26 2020This type of protection is often used for buried metal structures like storage tanks and pipelines Note that the type of current used for impressed current protection systems is usually direct current (DC) Usually corrosion-preventing impressed current is generated by burying two metal anodes in the soil near the metal object to be protected

Welding bearing damage

As far as bearings it depends on what kind of bearing it is For ball style it doesn't really matter unless there is a lot of grease and creates a environment where a lot of arc shorts can be made I'm talking that maintenance guy that puts 30 pumps in and thinks its good for 3 years Needle and roller bearings can be more of a problem

Procedures to Protect Equipment and Data (2 1 2) IT

Power surge: Dramatic increase in voltage above the normal flow of electrical current A power surge lasts for a few nanoseconds or one-billionth of a second Power Protection Devices (2 1 2 3) To help shield against power fluctuation problems use power protection devices to protect the data and computer equipment:

Power System Protection Part Power System Protection

Power System Protection Part – 1 Dr Prof Mohammed Tawfeeq 4 Protection against faults and abnormalities Types of Faults and Abnormalities Faults : The principal electrical system faults are short circuits and overloads Short circuits may be caused in

How to prevent electrical damage to rolling element bearings

Electrical damage to rolling element bearings is a common cause of failure – common enough to have a whole category listed under the ISO standard for Bearing Damage (ISO 15243:2004 from )It's technically called electrical erosion

Controlling Electrical Hazards

Protection Against Electrical Hazards What is the best way to protect yourself against electrical hazards? Most electrical accidents result from one of the following three factors: unsafe equipment or installation unsafe environment or unsafe work practices

Overcurrent Protection in AC Power Systems

Oct 27 2017Protecting the circuit conductors against overheating by limiting the amount of current the conductors are required to convey inherently protects the supplied electrical distribution and utilization equipment (the connected load) from the effects of overcurrent

Protecting bearings against electrical discharge from

Aug 18 2016The newly added and industry-leading AEGIS grounding ring technology is designed to provide protection against bearing damage due to electrical discharge and/or fluting The AEGIS grounding ring technology provides current-diversion methods discharging harmful shaft voltage to the ground instead of through the bearing Key features include:

Protect Pump Motors with Simple Current Monitoring

Dec 17 2011Overcurrent switches are used to protect the motor from damage due to jams or bearing failure Although not designed to replace circuit breakers or thermal fuses (fuses can detect a lower load increase over a period of time) a current switch can detect an increase in load within milliseconds

Bearing Current Problems: Causes Symptoms and Solutions

Bearing current remediation methods A number of options are available for reducing or eliminating the current flows shown in Fig 1 and 2 the appropriateness of each depending on the type and source of the bearing current found The Table lists bearing current remediation methods for the various current paths Each row in the table

Magnetic shielding materials to protect sensitive

Sep 22 2014Low-frequency magnetic fields can impact electronic devices inducing unwanted current flows in sensitive paths that can add noise introduce errors and otherwise disrupt carefully balanced circuits Redirecting such fields is the fundamental role of


Generally current-insulated bearings (ceramic-coated or hybrid) exhibit significantly higher resistance to electrical current than standard bearings Damage Caused by Electrical Current and Its Consequences Current-Insulated Bearings as a Preventive Measure 1 Current-Insulated Bearings as a Preventive Measure As a rule it is very difficult to

How to Protect Bearings in Inverter

Oct 04 2012The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has yet to recommend that new motors have bearing protection against damaging electrical discharges It is common knowledge that inverters also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs) and adjustable speed drives can induce unwanted motor shaft voltages that without effective

Protection Relays by Application

Easergy Sepam series 60 Protection Relays for Complex Distribution Systems 8 types of digital current or voltage protection for complex distribution systems each one dedicated to a single application Models available: Sepam S60 S62 M61 T60 T62 G60 G62 C60 A ready to use Easergy Sepam series 60 includes: One base unit two 20 pin connectors one current

What Is 'Thermal Protection' on an Electric Motor?

When you see the term thermal protection or thermally protected used in the description of an electric motor it refers to a device found within the motor or motor compressor that is designed to prevent dangerous overheating that can cause motor failure

Control Engineering

May 30 2018These devices protect against fire and electrical shock by limiting current flowing through wires and provide a means to remove electrical power during equipment service Branch circuit protection does not necessarily protect a load such as a power supply a PC or a programmable logic controller (PLC)

Put An End To Costly Current Damage With Current

Oct 07 2018Ceramic-Coated Bearings undergo a plasma spray procedure where an oxide layer is applied and sealed to either the inner ring or outer ring of the bearing providing insulation against current passage The bearing surfaces of the rings must be cylindrical and uninterrupted by lubrication holes or grooves

Traction Motor Bearings for the Rail Industry

Traction motor bearings operate under severe operating conditions including high radial loads high impact loads and high speeds A major obstacle to achieving extended maintenance free intervals is electrical erosion This occurs when 'stray' electric current flows through motor bearings to earth

Bearing Damage: Electrical Pitting

Electrical discharge through the oil film between the shaft and bearing in electrical machinery or in fans and turbines may occur due to faulty insulation or grounding or due to the build-up of static electricity This electric discharge can occur at very low voltages and may cause severe pitting of the bearing or shaft surfaces or both

Using Silicone Spray Lubricant and When Not To!

DO NOT USE SILICONE SPRAY ON ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS SWITCHES RELAYS ETC There have been numerous reports that silicone spray can cause contact problems in switches noted in multiple posts regarding automotive problems There are other products that are designed to protect and waterproof electrical connections and should be used instead